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To help bolster ratings, Travis hires a new disc jockey, New Orleans native Gordon Sims (Venus Flytrap); and allows spaced-out former major market DJ Dr.

WKRP in Cincinnati was an American sitcom that featured the misadventures of the staff of a struggling fictional radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The show was created by Hugh Wilson and was based upon his experiences working in advertising sales at Top 40 radio station WQXI in Atlanta.

The mid-season timeslot change didn't affect the show's success; WKRP finished at #22 in the ratings for its second year.

For the next two seasons, however, the writers and producers often had to fight CBS over what kind of content was appropriate for a show in the so-called family hour.

In 2008, an unrelated independent television station in Cincinnati, WBQC-LD, took advantage of local nostalgia for the sitcom, promoting its conversion to digital broadcasting by rebranding as "WKRP-TV Cincinnati".

WKRP had two musical themes, one opening and the other closing the show.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, because when it was produced, cast and crew had expected the series to be renewed.

Prior to the broadcast, however, the series had already been cancelled. I appreciated that." The tower has since been dismantled.

Andy Ackerman won an Emmy Award for Videotape Editing in season 3.

WKRP premiered September 18, 1978 on the CBS television network, and aired for four seasons and 88 episodes through April 21, 1982.

Rounding out the cast are super receptionist Jennifer Marlowe and enthusiastic junior employee Bailey Quarters.