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Texas dating iona idaho

Lori is tied so tightly she doesn't get to react to her bondage. She needs a little more freedom to show us her best stuff. After giving her butt a sample thwack with the whip, he grabs her upper arms from behind and pushes her over to the bondage rigging. Now dressed in a white bustier and stockings, Sharon is tied in a loose vertical spread-eagle. Out comes the camera, and Sharon hams up her struggling.

Face aimed at Cole's crotch, her ungagged mouth begging for what's coming next. The positions are simple, Georgia's responses are charged. Grade: B Punished introduces us to everyone's bondage sweetheart, Lori Waverly. She takes it off right away, and is dressed only in garters, stockings, and panties. Cut to her first position, which gets right down to business.

She's on a chair, with her ankles tied to the front legs, her arms tied behind her strappado.

Perhaps the worldwide take justifies the cost of production.

The lucky lass next gets laid face-down on the stretching rack. That's probably punishment for wearing her panties underneath her garter. He then pulls the crotch panel of her panties aside and beckons the camera to come in for an ultra close-up of Lori's pleasure portal.

Karen Arthur, not wearing too much, getting whipped a lot. Grade: A Karen Arthur comes in, again, to get stripped, tied up, fondled, and whipped. Screw the preliminaries, let's get right to being tied in a vertical spread-eagle, still fully clothed. Up comes the dress to shoulder height so he can fondle her tits and massage her pussy through her red panties with the dildo.

After a dissolve, a leather crotch strap has been securely fastened on.

The setting was perfect, everything I dream of, except my ideal would be to have several other girls naked and chained along with her.