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To gauge the scale, just put the matter in a wider political funding context.

The cost of Aosdána rose from 1.8 per cent of the council’s funding in 2007 to 4.43 per cent in 2013.

Part of the rise was accounted for by an increase in the value of a Cnuas, though, in the circumstances the council did not deliver the full increase it had planned.

When you’re talking big numbers, the annual cost of Aosdána is peanuts.

But those international observers rarely have any idea how poorly funded the arts in Ireland actually are.

The gunners are not some cranks or radical extremists, but the Arts Council, the statutory body for the funding, promotion and development of the arts.

It was the Arts Council that set up Aosdána and which has always provided its funding and administration.

Between 20, when the country was in a most difficult economic situation, the number of Cnuas recipients rose by 27, from 130 to 157.