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Dating security clearance

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act requires states to check any child abuse and neglect registry on any prospective foster and adoptive parent and other adults living in a prospective foster and adoptive parent's home.

The firm said: 'At no time was there ever a data breach of any Tiger Swan server.'All resume files in Tiger Swan's possession are secure.

We take seriously the failure of Talent Pen to ensure the security of this information and regret any inconvenience or exposure our former recruiting vendor may have caused these applicants.

In addition, any information released under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act must not be used for any other purpose. Out-of-State Adoption and Foster Home Screening Section II.

Michigan Residents Requesting Information on Themselves Section III.

Non-Michigan Residents Requesting Information on Themselves Section IV. Employers and Volunteer Agencies All requests must come from the child placing agency working with the foster or adoptive applicant.

The request must be in writing on the requester's letterhead stating the reason for the request (example: foster home licensing, adoptive placement, etc.) and must include 1) Name and title of individual requesting the information.

The breach also includes details of a former United Nations worker in the Middle East, a parliamentary security officer in Eastern Europe, an active Secret Service agent, a Central African logistical expert, an ex-soldier tasked with providing security in war zones for TV news crews and a police chief in a southern state.

In addition to this, the details of an Army officer tasked not only with finding WMDs in post-invasion Iraq, but with escorting a major US journalist on the hunt have been breached, as well as military and police trainers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Liberia, Ukraine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To our colleagues and fellow veterans, we apologize.

The situation is rectified and we have initiated steps to inform the individuals affected by this breach.'Talent Pen could not be immediately reached for comment.

They included information such as their home addresses, phone numbers, work history and email addresses, as well as more sensitive information including security clearances, driver's license numbers, passport numbers and at least partial social security numbers.