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Will returning to Hogwarts as an apprentice help fix her?

For us having to mass complain about something to have it changed, and treating it like a popularity contest in many ways, is over. An offer is made and a deal is struck, but what is Bankotsu hiding, and how much more danger did Kagome put herself in?

I have mentioned in the past lines in the sand, and I have moved mine until it is now in concrete. Rated for the naughty things This is my intake of what would have been Loki's life would have been like. Take a journey with me to see how Hermione/Loki's lives would have been like. Ask the seers for his destined soul mate."Sirius Black and Harry Potter went into seclusion in November of 1981. But the wizarding world still needed a hero, when Voldemort rose again. FW/HG/GWDZ2's Way of the Warrior Response: Lily had a well guarded secret that few knew about.

And I will notify the DAY I post the next chapter on my own site. Cause let's face it, while I am content with seeing stats to keep writing stories, reading reviews helps fire the muse up to keep writing. Kittyinaz How do you cope when all you feel are emotions - everyones emotions? They kept Harry away from those who would seek to influence the boy for their own desires. Betrayal and revenge are powerful motivators, and when two people who have been betrayed by the same coven come together under dire circumstances, revenge becomes all the more sweet.