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Sxes shag zap

It’s essentially the genitalia version of that vengeful alopecia treatment, but much, much worse.

must have spent a fair amount of time reflecting on just that.

Set in the aftermath of an ability-endowing storm that left its victims not just damp but with the powers of invisibility, telepathy and the like, allocation of abilities related to the personality of the receiver.

One was shy and ignored, so gained the power of invisibility, another regretted past mistakes, so became able to rewind time, and so on.

The introduction of a powers dealer in the series two Christmas special provided a whoosh of new life for the series by mixing up the initial combinations of character and power.

It’s soon revealed to be more Midas-like curse than a gift, scuppering her sex life with Curtis, and gaining her a huge amount of unwanted attention.

As soon as she’s able in fact, she gets rid of it, opting for the much more sensible power of clairvoyance. Viewing real-life through the warped prism of your favourite video game (as suffered by one-off character Tim in series two), isn’t so much a power as a hindrance.

The power of resurrection is certainly one worth having, but only being able to bring something or someone back as a bloodthirsty zombie? Resurrection was the ability powers dealer Seth was waiting to come along so he could assuage his guilt over his OD’d girlfriend by returning her to the land of the living.

When she came back wrong and with a taste for iguana blood though, he realised it was all a mistake.

Fair enough, the strength might come in handy, but Hulking out isn’t the most practical of abilities, meriting his milky-eyed rage a place on this list. Ethically, this power is a mess, and - to quote an offensive but apt line from isn’t one to shy away from sexual assault as episode fodder, having featured a sex attack Jesus in its Christmas special, devoted Curtis’ gender-swap episode to the subject, and disturbingly, showed Simon fondle a barely conscious Kelly early on in the show’s run.

Only useful if: You’re pursuing a career in underground cage fights? Alisha’s ability (developed thanks to her use of sex to manipulate her way out of tricky situations and reputation as, to quote another indelicate phrase, a “cock monster”) means she can uncontrollably turn on anyone who touches her.

If you were a fan of the indie or retro market at least, then the notion of bouncing along like an 8-bit Mario or floating down the high street like that amoeba from mission.