Start Updating transmission ubuntu

Updating transmission ubuntu

Both vertical and oblique sounding work on the same basic principles and the main difference between these two techniques is the location of the transmitter with respect to the receiver, in this case we are using an Oblique ionogram.

In this spectrogram as an example, the frequencies between 19-24MHz using a single reflection from the ionosphere would be available to a HF radio user to establish communications between Svalbard and Chilton.

Between 13 to 15MHz would also available utilising a propagation route that involves two reflections from the ionosphere and one reflection from the ground.

There are also mechanisms such as solar flares that disrupt and decrease the ionization.

Solar flares are associated with release of charged particles into the solar wind that reaches the Earth and interacts with the geomagnetic field.

10 MHz and 1PPS in) Then a straight ethernet cable was used to connect both the PC and the USRP2 using their 1Gb Ethernet ports.

An outside HF boradband antenna was added to the RX line of the USRP2.

I did not received any packet , so i decided to capture a session using Wireshark : It was just sending out boradcast ARP request, and even with #arp -na command i wa unable to see the NIC MAC of the USRP2 Ethernet adapter or any layer 2 address. Maybe that version of the USRP2 was old and using a RAW ethernet packet instead of the normal UDP header , wich you can see here in a normal full duplex communication : (the default IP was changed) i did not have a MIMO cable with me to monitor the serial output, if you have any idea why did not worked and how to solve this problem with old firmware version please send me an email or contact me by wordpress form.