Start Validating an environmental scan

Validating an environmental scan

In order to accelerate the process of establishing commercial partnerships with portfolio companies, GE also launched the ecomagination Accelerator, committing up to $20 million for scaling and commercializing ideas.

The technologies we’re developing, particularly through our ecomagination and healthymagination commitments, are solving development challenges in ways that are practical, responsible and tailored to local needs.

And finally, GE’s philanthropy, advocacy and employee volunteers are helping to make progress in communities around the world.

In a new collaboration between Ferus Natural Gas Fuels and GE Ventures, previously flared natural gas is captured, and natural gas liquids, such as propane and butane, are removed to then be sold.

The remaining methane is compressed using the CNG In A Box™ system from GE Oil & Gas and loaded onto Ferus’ specially designed compressed natural gas (CNG) storage trailers to be transported to its final point of use.

At GE, we call this sustainability: aligning our business strategy to meet societal needs, while minimizing environmental impact and advancing social development. The world’s population is on pace to reach 9 billion people by 2050.

Three-quarters of those individuals will live in cities.

At GE this sustainability approach is embedded in the way we work with employees, customers, suppliers and investors; the technology we create; and the philanthropic partnerships we support.