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(Their designation as “Arkansea,” or“people of the south,” by Illinois tribes led to the name of the river and, ultimately,of the state.) Although no settlement or trading post is known to have existed precisely at “the little rock,” a community of mixed Quapaw-French families did live nearby from about 1790 to 1820, resulting in the designation of one of Little Rock’s oldest neighborhoods as the Quapaw Quarter.

Read the story about them from my latest completed auction: click here . In many parts of the US, but particularly in Montana, "good-for" tokens like these were used for poker and other gambling games. Cartamundi Playing Cards Co., Belgium, supplied the chips and playing cards for the 2006 movie and the chip auctioned here -- again, same chips in both cases. There you will see the story behind the chips, and screen shots from the movie, starring Daniel Craig. this is one of the most influential and exclusive clubs in the United States. Hudson and shipped to Bee Hive Tavern, Coos Bay, Oregon, no date given on the card. Anyone could enter a casino, customer tourist, or police officer." Chicagos famous Chez Paree was arguably the most glamorous and famous dinner nightclub in the country in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. The authenticity of the chips is verified in the Chip Guide at Furthermore, all 5 chips below came together from a sale to me by a woman familiar with the Club... Find a brief history of the club here: https:// and During the radio years, its shows were frequently broadcast around the nation.

On April 9, he made note of "rocks sticking out of the ground," referencing the first rock up the river, but he did not name it.

La Harpe was more enthusiastic when it came to what he called the French Rock—"le Rocher Français"—the "bluff of mountainous rock" up the bend and north of the river, now called the Big Rock.

In addition, the state’s three major landforms join within the city limits: the foothills that rise northwest to the Ozark Plateau, the Delta lands that extend east to the bank of the Mississippi River, and the rolling plains that stretch southwest into Texas.

This confluence makes Little Rock a natural political center.

Return privileges.) (Click here to see my regular Illegal Chip Sales List .) The Frolics, Chicago, Illinois. Only I have these chips, other than some collectors who bought a chip from me (I bought out all of the chips from a man in Wisconsin whose mother worked in the Frolics and rescued these chips). The casino offered craps, roulette, blackjack, chuck-a-luck, poker, faro, 150 slot machines, and a 400-seat bingo parlor.

As I show in the auction description, he not only owned the club, but was arrested there (per Chicago Tribune newspaper story). The Rex was so successful that Cornero and his partners netted upwards of $300,000 a month. Newspaper story on gambling raid on the club: here. The club was located in a three-story warehouse building at the corner of Ontario Street and Fairbanks, two blocks east of Michigan Avenue, a stones throw from Chicagos famous Miracle Mile, created in 1917 as an automat, where home-cooked meals in glass cases could be purchased by inserting coins into slots.

The French called the smaller outcropping on the south bank "le Petit Rocher" (the little rock), with the name first showing up on a map in 1799.