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The Byzantine writers called this region Atelkuzu (Hungarian, Etelköz).

The Kingdom of Hungary, or "Realm of the Crown of St. The total area is 125,430 square miles, of which 16,423 belong to the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.

latitude, includes, besides Hungary Proper and Transylvania, the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia and a territory known as the Military Frontier.

The chief industry is agriculture (including forestry), which supports nearly 13,000,000 persons. Manufacturing industries employ 12.8 per cent of the wage-earning population.

Mining (lignite, pig iron, coal, and gold being the chief items) in 1906 employed 72,290 persons and produced a revenue of 116,000,000 Kronen ($23,200,000).

The southern boundary of the kingdom is the River Save, which separates it from Bosnia and Servia as far east as the Rumanian frontier, from which point the artificial boundary of Rumania continues along the south, turning north-east, and then north.

On the north lies Galicia; on the north-west, Moravia ; on the west Lower Austria, Styria, and Carniola.

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