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That “To Kyra…” line tells us so much about Kyra—that she’s an adventurer, she may have a criminal side, and she’s probably pretty feisty. Then the rest of the description deepens that feeling and does something even more impressive: it captures an epic fantasy novel’s story and world in 193 words without being vague OR confusing.

I am a doctoral candidate at MIT doing my dissertation research on the neural basis of reading in children.

I also write a blog on the brain science of creative writing, which has been featured by several industry websites, including One of my favorite things about Livia is how incredibly thorough and thoughtful her approach is to every aspect of her writing and the business.

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If she cooperates with the authorities against the Guild, James will kill her family, but if Kyra does nothing, she’ll see Forge overrun by Demon Riders.

As the city falls into chaos, Kyra uncovers a secret from her past – a forgotten link to the barbarian invaders that will test Kyra’s loyalties and ultimately challenge the limits of her humanity.

To Kyra, high walls and locked doors are not obstacles, but invitations.