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This was by The Walker Brothers and was not on the album in question.

No one is sure what caused the fire which led to the massive explosion, killing all twelve crew members and scientists aboard the space shuttle Deliverance, taking with them our last and only hope.

Once again, if you're just tuning in, the CSA space shuttle Deliverance has been destroyed. [...] See more » Actually I had expected this to be somewhat more of a comedy, but it turned out to be a much better experience than just another average comedy.

Vi mener dette er et bredt og spennende sortiment, og muligheten for at du finner din bil hos oss er strre enn noen gang.

Spis så mye du orker, for frukt og bær gjør både deg og huden din frisk og opplagt.

One man decides to spend his time searching for his long lost love from high school during the coming catastrophe.

The story of an "unexpected romance blossoming between two strangers while on an impromptu road trip" is familiar territory for Director Lorene Scafaria, as that was the premise of her previous screenplay, "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist".

Dodge (played by Steve Carell) finds himself abandoned by his wife upon this news and tries to go on with his life for the last 21 days before the world comes to end.

He gets acquainted with a downstairs neighbor, Penny (played by Keira Knightley) whom he haven't talked with for the past 3 years of living in the same apartment building.

Coincidentally though, the first track on the album "Scott" (the one shown but not played) is "Mathilde" - an alternate spelling of Matilda - which is the name of the asteroid in the movie.

See more » : OK, what we're getting now is - yes, they're saying it was in fact a fire that erupted inside the external tank of the ship, exactly ninety-eight seconds after it entered the asteroid field.

The movie also boasts some rather great cameo appearances, all of whom really helped adding to the movie, by actors and actresses such as Rob Corddry, Patton Oswalt, William Petersen and, of course, Martin Sheen."Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" is a definite to-watch-movie for any movie aficionado, because it is very beautiful and moving in many ways.