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Being the driver on this road is stressful enough, stopping and braking weaving and curving can reduce your relaxation and give you and your passengers hyper-tension.

As the road curves sharply and descends then curves uphill and straightens out, you will notice the mile markers have reset to zero and now you are on HI-route the Hana Highway Scenic Heritage Drive.

There's twinkling holiday decor, seasonal markets, speciality hot chocolates, and who could forget about the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The Buffalo Zoo Provided by: Richardson Olmsted Campus Provided by: Every November and December, Union Square gets an added dose of holiday cheer thanks to the the Union Square Holiday Market and its red- and white-striped holiday booths.

I've never tried either pinneaple buns or egg tarts, but these were beyond my expectations.

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There is no reason not to like speed dating honolulu botanical gardens egg tarts here if you get it fresh and hot. You will see several of these rock walled open ditches carrying water next to, or below the road.