Start Bginfo not updating boot time

Bginfo not updating boot time

This will ensure long-running systems are kept up to date.

If you need an easy way to Display System Information of a computer on the desktop, then BGInfo from Windows Sysinternals comes to the rescue.

You can place it in the startup folder to run as the background for the logon screen or in the system tray and update the desktop wallpaper periodically or on demand.

The program can be configured to display not only the system's network information, but also statistics like the last boot time, total physical memory, free/used hard drive space, service pack revision, IE revision and many more.

In addition, the user can add freeform text and formatting using Rich Text controls (fonts, bold, italics, centering and so on).

The program doesn't require an installer; simply unpack it into the directory where you want it to reside and run it.

The tools are small fast and most of all they are all freeware 🙂 Well back to the subject of BGInfo.

BGInfo is a free tools that you can download from the Microsoft Sysinternals website free of charge.

When it runs, it displays an editable list of data fields, which you can preview non-destructively or change to suit. The default is the bottom right corner of the desktop, but if you routinely place icons there you can put the text elsewhere to keep it visible.