Start Updating an old concrete carport

Updating an old concrete carport

The Committee is literally waiting for the opportunity to make funds available.

Which is not to suggest that all problems that manifest themselves within your lot are automatically your problem. In an apartment building the roof may be the source of the leak and the roof is common property. Who is responsible for the damage caused by the problem will be determined by defining ownership of the property from which the problem sources.

If it’s your lot, you pay, if it’s your neighbours lot, they pay and if it’s common property then the body corporate pays. Sometimes there is infrastructure on common property that relates to only one lot.

Those processes will need to be monitored and any issues addressed.

Other repair and maintenance problems, which would include everything from blown light bulbs in community lighting right up to complex structural defects, need to be addressed on a case by case basis.

A body corporate is simply a mechanism for holding and managing common property by and for the lot owners.

That makes the rules for repairs and maintenance nice and simple.

The other side of the wall, floor or ceiling then is either common property or another lot.