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1 [me-J] BAP-TISTE _t I Jean- _, John the Baptist BAPTISTfe RE —try [bapp' -tisstrei BAQU'ET" tub : trough : bucket [siege) bucket- BAR _ Lseat BARAGOUIN", —QOUINAQE gibberish Baragouiner' vn.

Vocal organs (pi] AP"PAREILL"AGE getting under sail : sailing AP'PAREILL-EMENT' matching : pairing Ap'parel U'er" va. rough : sour : harsh : gruff [-mf-ly] Apr6s" prep, after : next to : about lad.) after- wards : about (doing] Attendre , To be waiting for | Ci- , Presently : below | D' , According to | D'_ nature. In c8 g AQUARELLISTE painter in water-colours 3 &AQUARIUM _ le-koiie-ri-e-mni] Aquatique a. Avril] A'PRON [e-pre-nn'] tablier li,) contre^trave APSE" lapps'] abside Apt a. avec a-propos APT'NESS aptitude (for, a, pour] propriete A'QUAFOR'TIS eau-forte A'QUAMARI'NE aigtie-marine AQUA'RIUS [e-koueri-e-ssl [le) Verseau A'queous iek-oiii-e-ss'] a. Cobweb | ' Vne dans le plafond,' A ' bee in his bon- net' I de MER spider-crab : sea-spider ARANTELE, ARANTELLE, cobweb Araser" to. farming : agricultural ARAUCARIA [or-e-fte'ri-a, o dans sori] ARBALETE crossbow [4) Jacob's staff ARBAL^TRIER" principal (rafter] crossbow- nian : arbalister ARBITRAGE arbitration K3^ [com) selling out Arbitraire a. in an arbitrary manner : arbitrarily Arbitral -e a. by arbitration ARBITRE umpire : arbitrator | Libre , Free- Arborer" do. _s-_s] flying buttress : strut : prop [A) dolphin-striker Arc'-bouter* v. Brass wire ARCH-ANGE [ch, fc] _gel lark-endje-'l] ARCHE [pr. par le bras | -CHAIR fauteuil | -HOLE [of garment] emmanchure : entourmire \ -PIT Arm vn. nionter (une colline'i I remonter (un fleuve] s'elever ASCENT' ascension : e Uvatimi : montee i Ascertai'n va. (Table 24 and some- times as Table 30) to seat [ttne fondation) to lay [xne opinion, etc.) to base [des impots) to assess [tme dot : un gouvernement) to settle [un camp) to pitch [un cheval) to train | Faire , To ask ... qu'on peut atteindre ATTAIN'MENT [e-tene] acqiiis Uioti : Ulent S [pi] connaissances ATTEM'PT le-temmpte} [on, sur : to. | Avec , Attentively | Faire , To pay A (a, to] to mind Aftention'ne -e a. extenuating ATTENUATION- — : weakness : extenua- Aftenue -e a. to weaken : to reduce [utie faute) to extenuate | Pmir , In extenuation Afterrer" va. to land : to go ashore : to alight AT-TERRIS'SAGE landing : alighting : going asliore | Train d' , Ijiero] Landing gear ATTERRIS-SEMENT- alluvial deposit AT' TESTATION" — : testimony: testimonial Aftester" va. Fraudulent B BANQU-EROUTIER" -l ERE bankrupt BANQU-ET" _ ll Mgn-koiwtf] Banqu'eter* vn.

to match : to pair [pierres) to dress [vn., it) to set sail AP*PAREILL"EUR dresser [a gaz) gas-fitter Ap'paremmenf [em, am\ ad. to pair : to sort : to match AP-PARITEUR —tor : usher ANY ENGLISH-FRENCH APP An'yhow ad. omme tout I but, Rien moins que | else, Ati Zre chose | Worth' , De guelque w Ueur | Worth , [accent on an'ything] Sans prix | I have not asked — whatever of ANYBODY, Je n'ai absolument rien demande a personne An' ywhere ad. ic : water : watery AQU-EDUC —duct lak-oui-de-kte'] culvert Aqu'eux'-eitse a. — ine [kou W] Roman (nose] AQU'ILON" north wind : cold stormy wind ARA macaw : long-tailed parrot ARABE Arab llangue) Arabic Bsj [fig) Tartar: ' regular screw ' | Chifl'res s, Arabic figures ARABESQUE [* a.] _ Arabique o. aqueux fgamins AR'AB e I Street s, Petits va-nu-pieds : Ara'bian [_e-rebe-ye-nn\ a. to set up [pavilion) to hoist Lwi H Arborescent" -e a. Ecorcel _ COUD^ crank- shaft : crank | de TOUR mandril | MOTEUR driving-shaft | _ a NOYAU core- ARBRISSEAU, ARBUSTE shrub Lbar ARC O^ [amie) bow \constr.) arch [Note : Jeanne d' is pr. to buttress ARCEAU small arch : vault [croquet) hoop ARC-EN-CIEL [pi. arrsh] arch Da^ : arching aire : surface : itendue [front) devant (de maisonl cour en sous-sol Ar'gue Idrg Ti-yoii] v. Arisen] se lever : s'elever : resulter (from, de] ARK arche (,sainte\ Noah's , VA de Noe ARM bras [weapon) arme feo | in — , Bras dessus, bras dessous | To s I [soldiers] Aux armes! armer : s'armer (with, de] L'*'*'''*^'* AR'MATURE induit | -SPINDLE arbre d'l Arme"d a. s'assurer : s'uiformer (de, que] j se rendre compte de : constater j — MENT fixation (of, de] i Ascri'be le-skraibe] va. [of, de : to, de} ' honteux | I'o be , Avoir honte : rougir i ASH'LAR [£«-? f WMr] tentative : essai : effort [criminal) attentat | To be one's first , Etre son premier essai | To make the , Tenter le coup V. to banquet : to feast BANQUETTE bench : top : footpath [de wa- gon, etc.) seat [meuble) settee Ifort) BANQU'IER" banker | J'ai ... [ou, I bank at ...'s] BANQUISErls ASzi pack-ice BANQU-ISTE humbug BAP'TSME [pr.

subjonctif «/e'ot geologic tech mot technique : tech- ge'o»i geometric nical word ffram grammairc typ typographic : printing hist histoire : history V. Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. BEA FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS BEA BEAU tx^ guod things (pi] best : excellence Ipers) dandy | Du ! Only before a noun, however : so that "H est beau et gai " is correct. [to, pour] desagreable [-bly, -ment] DISAGREE'ABIi ENESS [pr. (Table 16) to discourse : to des- cant (sur, upon] DISCOURS" discourse : lecture : talk | Du _, Igrani] Of sjieeeh | Faire un , To make a speech : to deliver an address (sur, on] Discourtois" -e a. In ...'s power | nnaire a — onary DISCULPATION" exculpation : exoneration Dlsculper' va. to discuss : to debate [dr) to dis- Disei'f -e [s, z"] a. ive : harmless fflooding INONDATION" inundation [fam) flood iagj-) Inonder' va. e [tiouiie] unseasonable [-emenf -ly, -bly] ill-timed INOPPORTUNITE unseasonableness Inorganique a. instantane [-ly, -ment] _ PHOTO, instantane NESS instantaneite In'stantly [inn' ste-nntt-lel ad. to inform against i S' To gain information Instruit' -e a. Instruire] trained [savant) learned | Tres Fort Well-informed INSTRUMENT-— [pr. to draw up a charge (or a INSTRUMENTISTE instrumentalist j INSU I a r de. unknown to | a mon , ^ Without niv knowledge : unawares ; ly SUBORDiy ATION-— I Insuboi'donne-e a. insufficiently ' INSCFFISAXCE insufficiency | Insufflsant'-e a.

I cannot close without a grateful reference to the work of the type-setters and printers ; and in this connection I would wish especially to acknowledge the faithful services of Edward Holders to whose share so large a portion of that work has fallen. I also deeply appreciate the interest which Professor G. although it is not claimed that the exact pronunciation or accentuation of a word can thus be accurately conveyed in every instance, yet the reader will certainly l)e enabled thereby to pronounce words with a degree of correctness which would le wholly out of his reach without such aid. Or again, where he is warned that on in Mould must be pronounced like o : or a in Mate, as e : or tt in ni Md, or a in alone, as e in le, te. preconiser : plaider : defendre ADVOW'SON [raoz'nw] patronage ADZE 7»ermiwef(e [cooper's) doloire JGo'lian HARP [i-o Jt-e-nn] harpe eolienne A'erated le-e-retedd} a. aerien : de fair AE'ROFOr L aile (d'aeroplane] ffil AE'ROGRAM depeetie par la telegraphie sans . to arrange : to adjust : to tit up | S' , To trim one's self up AGENDA memorandum-book : diary s'Agenouiirer' it. to increase : to raise AUGURE omen Ipers) augur Augurer" va. near : close : at hand AUREOLE glory : crown : halo Auriculaire a lar | Doigt , or L' , Little finger | Temoin , Ear-witness AURICULE _la Aurlffire a. decouvrir : divulguer DISCLO'SURE decouverte [secret) divttlgation DISCOLORA'TION [fee-Je-r] decoloration Discol'our Ike-le-r'] va. defaire : mettre en deroute DISCOM'FITURE de'faite : deroute 'DISCOM' F ORT incommodite : gene -.privation Discommo'de va. deranger [vex) chagriner DISCOMPO'SURE derangement : trouble Disconcert' va. decourager DISCOUR'AGEMENT [ke-redje} dec— Discour'aging [ke-r'edje} a. D \ Arrived at years of Fait et sense | Touseone'sown Faire comme on juge a propos [V. decousu : vague DISCUR'SIVENESS decousu DIS'CUS disque Discuss' [fce-s.t] va. deguise (as a, en] [in liquor) gris : ' dans les vignes du Seigneur ' DISGUST' [fffte-sfe] degout [ixi.) degouter (with, de] Ing a. a fa porte [an official) destituer [a matter) quitter [appeal) rejeter DISMISS'AL renvoi : destitution : conge Dismou'nt vn.

BAS"-FOND" flat : low ground [mer) shoal [ Les s [d'ttne ville] The slums BASILIC basil [serpent) basilisk BASILIQUE basilica BASIN" [sasz] Ds^ dimity Basique a. Quelles parties de la France ~b a-t-e He visitees ? Nous etions en train de rire | He has been play- ing with the cats, II a joue avec les chats | 100 I am leaving for ..., Je vais partir pour ...

basic [s, f] BAS*-MAT" [hah-ma1i\ lower-mast BASQUE [e-teve-ye-nti] BATEAU boat [de voiture) body [fam) fashion | 'Monter un a.' To 'have ... [or, Je pars pour ...] He is sleeping, II dort I We were speaking of ..., Nous par- lions de ... Nous venous den parler | I am seeing 105 to it, Je men occupe [The infinitive is sometimes used with Etre a ...) They are always complaining, lis sont toujours a se plaindre FOLLOWED BY PAST PARTICIPLE 110 That is not to be despised, Cela nest pas o dedaigner | It is said. On dira | This prevented it being burned, Cela I'empecha d'etre brflle ["Very often the reflective verb is employed 115 in French, as : I am surprised that ..., Je m'etonne que ...

apparently AP'PARENCE appearance : look | Avoir belle , To look well I Sur V , By appearances Ap'parenf-e a. de toute fagon : quand meme : en tout cas : vaille que vaille AN'YTHING quelque chose : rien : quoi que ce soit : n'importe quoi [ V. qiielqiie part : a un point quel- conque (on, sur] [negat.) nti Ue part \ else. — ic : Arabian Q/omme) arabic ARABISANT' [s, z] Arabic scholar APP ENGLISH-FRENCH ARB Apprehoftd' va. ete) approprier : affecter APPROPRIA'TION_[sum)credit:a JJocation g APPBO'VAXj approbation : od Msicm % Appro' ve va. arabe : A' Arabic \ The NIGHTS, Les mille et t^ne nuits AR'ABIC arabe [a.) arabe : arabique _ FIGURES chiffres arabes _ SOH'OLAR arabisant AR'Bn ER -TRESS arbitre A point (S°) means silent, or GN' LL* L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. ARBORICULTEUR —turist Ai JB0ft7CCi Tt;i J£_|ARB0USIER- arbutus ARBRE tree [axe) shaft | de haute futaie, Large forest tree | _. [from, of, de] argumenter : raisonner : discuter : conclure [maintain) pre- tendre | well for, Faire foi de | To stand arguing, Faire le raisonneur | AR'GUMENT : discussion : raisonnement | In support of his , a I'appui de sa these Argumen'tative a. attribuer (to, a] j ASH[tree)frene[burnt ma.tter) cendre.cendres \ I Bitter , Quassia | Mountain , Sorbier des oiseaux : frene sauvage | -BOX, -PIT , I -TRAY cendrier | — WEDNESDAY, Mer- i credi des Cendres ! essayer (a] tenter : tacher (to, de] [72] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. opposed : prejudicial AT'TENTE waiting : expectation : hope | Salle d' , Waiting-room | Dans V de. to attempt (a, ...] k la vie de ..., To attempt ...'s life Aftentif -ive a. fiat-tame] baptism [bapp'-tizzni] Nom de , Christian name | ' de I'air,' First ascent Bap'tiser' va.