Start Dating amputees com

Dating amputees com

It is likely that from time to time they may start thinking of themselves as somehow inferior to a person with intact limbs and thus as less attractive.

For instance compliment your girlfriend on her hairdo or mention to your boyfriend that the jacket suits him very well.

However make it a point not to say anything that you don’t mean deep down in your heart.

Constantly jumping up to ‘aid’ them or fussing about them can make them feel disempowered and hurt.

Be prepared As much as you are ready to accept your partner’s appearance, do not expect the same of society at large.

Focus the person not the disability When you are going out with an amputee, don’t put all your focus on your partner’s disability.

If he/she is ready to date, in all likelihood he/she knows well enough to manage their condition too.

Talk about it, if your partner wishes One of the most difficult things about dating an amputee is to know whether you should talk about it.

Here it is again best to take your cue from your partner.

Plan ahead While you should not consider your partner weak or less than others, at the same time you should keep his/her amputation in mind when planning a date.

Avoid physically rigorous activities like hiking, bowling or date ideas where there is a lot of walking involved, like a city tour.

If you are unsure of how to behave when a comment is particularly loud or nasty, take your cue from your partner.