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Dating offer landing pages

(If extraterrestrial life or its remains were found in the Solar System, all space programs would likely receive a mighty increase in funding.) Examples are Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara, who have rebutted hoax claims, but continue to use Apollo imagery as evidence for alien structures on the Moon and believe NASA to be involved in all kinds of cover-ups.

Kaysing then self-published both the book and the letter, creating a false Streisand effect.

Proponents of the hoax theory insist that there are no stars visible in any of the footage or photographs taken on the moon. Take any image at night and you'll very rarely see stars in the sky.

It is reported that Bill Kaysing, whose 1976 book started the madness, was originally requested by his publishers to write his book as a satire, but he somehow "lost the plot" and became convinced of the truth.

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