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Later it was referred to as the Limestone River, and the Fish River.

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The History of Canberra details the development of the City of Canberra from the time before European settlement to the city's planning by the Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin in collaboration with Marion Mahony Griffin, and its subsequent development to the present day.

Moore was always an absentee landlord and took no interest in running the property.

Ainslie, who remained there till 1835, also received a grant of 100 acres (40 ha) for assisting in the capture of two bushrangers Tennant and Dublin Jack. In 1827 John Mc Pherson was given a ticket of occupation for the land to the west of Canberry extending to include the now named Black Mountain.

The 2013 ACT Government report "Our Kin Our Country" on the connection to the area by present-day ACT Aboriginal inhabitants, concluded: Therefore there appears to be no surviving traditional knowledge of lore, language, custom, kinship structures, oral history and genealogy associated directly with the ACT which would form the basis of a connection report. the historical record of Aboriginal culture and populations is very scant and contradictory, it was recognised that it would not be possible to prepare a full ‘connection to country’ report linking present day people through their families and surviving traditional knowledge to the past land holding groups.

The Molonglo River was recorded as the "Yeal-am-bid-gie" in 1820 by the explorer Charles Throsby.

These people were employed either as labourers or domestics on stations.