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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de is a newer Neoromance hit, with many sequels and an anime television series based on it.

and Koei Corporation followed suit by merging to form Tecmo Koei America Corporation. When it was still called Tehkan, the company also released such classic games as Bomb Jack and Tehkan World Cup.

Effissimo's director Takashi Kosaka stated “We have not had sufficient information from the company to make a judgment on the merger, such as the feasibility of their plan to raise shareholder value.” On February 13, Tecmo announced it had received repurchase claim (a request for the company to buy stock back) from a major shareholder, 15.64% of the stock (3,890,700 shares) from a shareholder that stood in opposition to the firm's upcoming merger with Koei.

While the requesting shareholder was not mentioned, Reuters stated that it was likely Effissimo.

On January 26, 2009, the shareholders for both Koei and Tecmo reached separate agreements in favor of the merger.

Effissimo raised some dissent during the meeting, and implied they may seek to sell their shares.

On August 28 Square Enix announced plans for a friendly takeover of Tecmo by purchasing shares at a 30 percent premium with a total bid of ¥22.3 billion.

They gave Tecmo until September 4 to either accept or reject the proposal.

Great Navigation Era), set in Portugal during the Age of Exploration.