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In this age when everyone is being tugged in many different directions, while a host of entertainment options are vying for your attention, it matters that an event with the potential to bring a town together, even if just for a few hours, will remain.

Jimmie Smith, 68, reportedly purchased several lottery tickets from a convenience and smoke shop located on 158 Church Street in New York City at some point back in the spring - and had forgotten they were still sitting in one of his old shirt pockets.

Smith was casually watching the news one evening, when he heard an announcement saying the time was ticking for one lucky mega millions winner to claim their prize.

But the family said they were even more shocked when the cemetery workers kept working, unfazed by the leg, during the funeral last Friday. 'I feel guilty seeing someone else's family member like that.' But both Mount Holiness owner James Shmergel and caretaker Bill Plog believe the incident is par for course in a cemetery. It's unfortunate that this happened, but this is a graveyard,' Plog said.