Start Mormon polygamy dating website

Mormon polygamy dating website

But really, if you look at their social hierarchy, it gets even creepier. Mormon wives are to be totally subservient to their husbands, to the point of demanding that they produce offspring even when they are so old that it is dangerous to their health.

If you could ever get a camera inside and see it, their baptisms of dead people are being disturbing. For real, I have a buddy who has been sticking it out undercover within the Mormon church as a member to get this all filmed.

He figures they’d try and sue him to keep it all under wraps, but he commented that he has $20 and a car to his name, so fuck’em, they can have it.

I don’t find this as crazy as the Christian belief that when you get there, you are judged in context with a test that you don’t know the rules of, but have to pass. But here are some not so funny ones that really irk me about their religion.

A lot like Jehovah’s witnesses, the moment a person leaves the church, they are a social pariah.

They didn’t deny it, just pushed it aside, to keep their tax exemption status.

They also believe that if a black person prays hard enough, they will become white.

Fact 5 – According to Joseph Smith (the rapist/pedophile/sycophant), after Jesus was crucified, he came to America and met the Native Americans, and that they are the lost tribe of the Jews.

How they got darker skin is, well, that story is a little racist, even for me, so we’ll leave it there. Well, that’s easy – Here are some examples of people they have actually converted: Joan of Arc, Buddha, Anne Frank, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Genghis Khan and Mitt Romney’s dad-in-law. It’s so bat-shit insane, and so many people look down on it, all the wonder not realizing their hypocrisy for not looking at their own faith with such a critical eye.

But some of the really freaky stuff you might not believe. ), while telepathically telling him that you accept him as your lord and savior, to forgive. Fact 4 – they believe that black people are cursed because they didn’t side with Jesus in the war against Satan.

I won’t get into the nit and grit of how stupid that argument is (he lives on a far-away star but can affect Earth and create all life, and be all places? Now don’t tell me they don’t hold that view anymore.

“Joseph Smith was called a Prophet, dumb, du-dumb-dumb-dumb! So, I’m going to do something I haven’t really done before – attack the Mormons.