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Top 10 most intimidating college football stadiums

Fun fact: The stadium sits at an elevation of 7,215 feet above sea level—the highest of all FBS schools.

Its effect has worked, with Sheriff FC losing just eight home games in total in the 15 years it has spent at the ground.

Liverpool's historic base has this magical aura about it on matchdays.

Renovated in 2015, Kentucky's field is far superior to what it once was.

Bold blue end zones, and the two-tone green of the field is a perfect match.

Visiting an opponent's stadium is not supposed to be the most pleasant experience out there, but there are a number of grounds which are a joy to visit, and simply fun to go to and see your team play.

On the other hand, there are those stadiums that strike fear into the heart of any visitors, helping the home side win the game before a ball has even been kicked.

Home to third tier side Millwall, the club's infamous hooligan supporters make sure to give any fans who consider themselves to be anywhere near as tough as the Lions' faithful an afternoon they'll never forget.

Not the biggest nor the most aesthetically pleasing stadium in Brazil, but Vasco Da Gama's ancient home is simply electric on matchdays and especially when a Rio de Janeiro derby is on the menu.

An army of police were needed to calm down the aggressive crowd, with vodka bottles and knives being thrown on the pitch in protest of the former unpopular president's presence at the game.

With police constantly needed to stop objects being thrown on the pitch, La Bombonera's status as an intimidating place to go and play football is easily justified.

In a country full of impressively grand stadiums; the San Siro in Milan and Rome's Stadio Olimpico to name but a few, one Italian football home stands head and shoulders above its rivals in terms of its ability to intimidate.