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However, I would recommend fishing these on a waited hook with a corkscrew attached in the eye of the hook so that it is less likely to land upside down and potentially get lost when that 10 pounder nails it. pick a color and get your frog on, till the break of dawn. A Skeete Reese rod and reel combo with my Wiley X's! From: Comments: After using the ribbit frogs I decided to try these to see if they were as good. Florida large mouth Come up out of the water 2' from the toad and Come down on top of ur horny toad..... Even keying it fall to the bottom can have some good Results....

They got carried away and spent quite a while fucking like damn rabbits!

I bumped it up to a 3/0-4/0 series and hook up ratio got better but still not as good as i'd like it. On a bright clear sunny day, try hopping them along the pass then letting it sink over the edge. 5/0 EWG hook, weightless, on 14 to 17 lbs mono does the trick for me. I have caught a bunch of Large mouth & a few pike off this bait. my all time favorite is the rage tail toad,then this one but overal a good frog to use for the money From: Comments: great frog with plenty of action and works great for me as topwater or submeged on a swimming jig head.

Overall this is a good frog which i've grown to like and want to like due to the name zoom being behind it and how ive supported them for 10 years. Fast or slow retrieve (whatever the fish want that day), this frog has action. did have a problem with it flipping over at first but fixed that on the go by using a clip on lead weight (normaly clips on line for crappie) and clipped it onto the hook under the belly just before the EWG began its hook bend and had no more trouble with it - also cast much better then too.

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