Start Updating addressbook

Updating addressbook

Find the one that does not have a timestamp (-Year Month Day-Hour Minute Second) at the end. You can use whatever transfer method you like, preferably USB, but Dropbox, Email, etc. The app works with any filename, so you may want to rename the message database file to something like sms.db, and the call log to to make it easier to identify them. If you use the original filename(s) or one of the ones suggested above, the app will find the files automatically and not prompt you to select the manually.

The receiver only can delete or check the message status.

If the message is in "Approval Waiting" status, the message cannot be approved.

If you have any issues, please first have a look at the FAQ, and if that doesn't help with you, get in touch with me You should switch your i Phone to Flight Mode or take out the SIM card before creating the backup, otherwise you may receive messages after you created the backup, and those won't be included in the backup file then.

Connect your i Phone to your computer, start i Tunes and make an unencrypted backup by selecting your i Phone and clicking the Back Up Now button.

Overwrite saving or saving the file as other format might have some errors on importing address book.

画面右上の転送モードを切り替えることで、ネットワーク環境に応じた設定が可能です。 初期状態の「プラグイン(通常)」が選択されている場合は、より効率的に転送します。 回線帯域が不安定な場合は「プラグイン(耐久)」を選択すると、通信エラーの頻発に最適化された方法で転送します。 両者の違いは転送ブロックサイズです(「通常」=1MB、「耐久」=100KB)。 転送ブロックサイズが小さいと通信エラー発生時の再送効率が高まりますが、一方、転送回数は増えるため全体効率は低下します。 Transferring block size can be configured for your network condition(*) before start transferring.

Profile images, or avatars, are a great feature of the Ring Central directory to recognize people you communicate with often, whether you are using the Ring Central mobile app, softphone, a CRM integration, or an app you made yourself.

While most of our users have images, some do not, which result in a generic person icon that is the same across all users.

[Memo] You can cancel sent message from "Sent" folder.

The attachment files will be disabled to download after the cancellation.

If it does not, and you are getting any errors or weird behaviour (other than those cases covered in the FAQ), you may want to switch back to the stock Messaging app, or even completely remove any 3rd party messaging apps.