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Sword and Scale takes on lesser known cases but uses entirely real audio footage in its episodes.

Plus, he is from Australia so it’s interesting to hear some lesser know crimes.

Thin Air is another newbie but one which I’ve been really impressed with in only 3 episodes!

) – 09/12/16 So, Serial season 1 came out, we all got ridiculously obsessed, it became quite the internet sensation.

Then it ended, and it did come back for season 2 but on a different thread and now we all have a big of a True Crime hole in our lives!

One I’ve mentioned on here quite a few times, but Thinking Sideways is a podcast I love listening to every week!

Each week Devin, Joe and Steve take a different mystery and dig through it, talking about theories and what is likely to have happened.

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They have covered a basic missing persons and a two part case which goes into further detail of serial killers and the like – both really enthralling.

I think this is going to be a really good podcast and in style it does really remind me of serial – they have obviously taken their production influence and do a great job at mixing up the podcast and keeping it interesting. Unsolved podcast is the one which is most similar in format to Serial, though shorter episodes.

Not all of the episodes are crime mysteries but there is a large proportion which are – especially if you are working your way through the archives.