Start Giaan rooney dating colleagues ex

Giaan rooney dating colleagues ex

Having played tentatively in defeat at Manchester United after the last international break, Spurs must prove they can win away at top-six rivals — after just one success in 16 attempts under their Argentine boss.

Yet even this was completely made up (Wenger has a tendency for stating stats in a convincing manner, only for them to be disproved by a basic Google search once he’s left the room).

NOT long before last April’s North London Derby, two opposing players — who are long-time friends — discussed their rival clubs over dinner.

The Arsenal player insisted to his Tottenham pal that his team still had, man for man, better players than their foes.

While earning extra Qatari oil cash from a deal with be IN Sports, the £8million-per-year Gunners boss was still venting about Raheem Sterling having the temerity to adhere to the laws of gravity and win a penalty after being shoved in the back.