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Can't get onto support, can't cancel, no way to find out what's going on....terrible customer service.

They were responsive to my queries I guess it depends how you approach them.

Uncovered 2 scammers within a day, their photos were a dead give away just a little too professional looking, plus their wording in the messages I received were more or less identical.

If I want to know that my messages have been read by others I have to pay for "Bolt ons" which permit this. Member ID 60354005 Membership Type Full Your Subscription 1 month (30 days) at $59.95 Too many false members, hardly ever get return message when you do it is obviously fake.

Since this morning my profile keeps changing randomly even when I change it back, it changes again, eg, location, preferences, such age, height, hair, etc. same thing applies to associated site Naughty older dating but possibly worse I had high hope to meet a decent gent ,but all the one that I have talk to so far is after sex ,and they tell me that straight away,beware of the one that said (looking for soul mate, not really true) my personal opinion.

I signed up after receiving an advertisement through my emails.

It looked like the very one for me as I was looking for a more mature companion/partner.

You can sign up for free, just as the advert said, but then it costs to retrieve messages.