Start Dating my underwood typewriter

Dating my underwood typewriter

Quickly they pretend they weren't paying attention.

S L E E P L E S S I N S E A T T L E by Jeff Arch Rewritten: Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron May 10, 1992 -------------------------------------------------------------- FADE IN: CLOSE ON SAM BALDWIN A card: Chicago. His neck is pinched into a crisp dress shirt and tie. SAM Mommy got sick and it happened just like that and there was nothing anybody would do. CHICAGO - A GRAVESITE - DAY Next to Sam is his son Jonah, age 9. As the mourners go past and each takes a turn shoveling a clod of dirt into an open grave -- SAM If we start asking why we'll go crazy.

In the distance the architecture of the Chicago skyline. CUT TO: CLOSE ON ANNIE REED Pretty, blonde, animated.

O'HARA AIRPORT - NIGHT The two planes face in opposite directions, waiting for instructions. And further and further back as they soar into the air and leave the frame.