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Gawker decided not to repost the video even after the appeals court vacated the injunction.

We then deposed Denton, Daulerio, several company employees and expert witnesses.

Did you know that you need a licence to reproduce a piece of copyright-protected content?

It has never apologized or admitted wrongdoing and likely never will.

After Gawker posted the video in October 2012 and promoted it on its social media accounts, the press pounced on the story, and millions of people flocked to to watch the video.

The next morning, Bollea's personal attorney, David Houston, sent a takedown demand stating that if Gawker would simply do the decent thing and remove the video, the matter would be considered resolved; no payment was requested. A few days later, my firm in Los Angeles was retained.

Gawker knew Bollea had been secretly filmed and objected to the video's release, but Gawker posted it anyway, claiming it was protected "journalism." What followed was three and a half years of litigation, a massive jury verdict and the possible end of a media company once valued at more than $250 million.