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He received the Ph D degree (1993), DEA (MS 1989) from the Franche-Comte University of Besanon, and BS (1987) from the University of Nancy, all in Computer Science.

In this paper, we present a survey of privacy-protection solutions proposed for Opportunistic Networks.

Firstly, we provide a detailed study of the privacy problem and major privacy-related attacks.

Find the router’s WAN IP address (check the router documentation again, if in doubt).

Using this study, we present various design space elements (criteria and factors) required to successfully offer better location-privacy.

Particularly, he works on multicast routing, inter-vehicular communications, Io T protocols, Quality of service, energy conservation, localization, intrusion detection and MAC layer performance evaluation.

He was also interested in specification and verification of communication protocols, group communication algorithms and multimedia synchronization.

Secondly, we present contemporary research efforts aiming to protect users' privacy with special focus on location-privacy problem, while discussing the applicability of each solution in Opportunistic Networks (Opp Net).