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Psn profile not updating

He is member of several editorial boards of international journals: IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine, Wiley journals, and Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks and JNCA journals. D, Sameh has worked as a technology and business consultant for major multinational information technology companies.

We explore key design space elements: criteria (such as scalability) and factors (such as social-awareness of ties, and location-awareness) to achieve the highest possible privacy level under different network conditions and nodes' requirements.

This means the ISP uses one public IP address, and “hides” most of their customers behind that one IP (just like your home router does with all your devices at home).

In that case, you need to contact your Internet provider and specifically request that you get a public IPv4 Address.

He served as a Symposium co-chair/leader in many IEEE international conferences such as ICC, Globecom, AINA and VTC. He participates to the steering and the program committee of many IEEE international conferences. He has published work in venues including ACM Mobi Com, IEEE ICC, IEEE WONS, and IEEE IWCMC.