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He and his gang were busted after police caught Laddi, a cousin of Jimmy, for arms trading.

Jimmy met Jagtar in Glasgow, where the Jammu resident was working as a restaurant chef after his student visa expired.

They became friends and Jagtar pressed him in 2015 to buy weapons from Jammu for “one of his friends in India who is a competitive shooter”, police said.

Read more | Pakistan supporting Sikh militants, say fresh intelligence inputs Heavy police crackdown in the 1990s may have wiped out an armed campaign in Punjab by several Sikh groups for an independent country, Khalistan.

But the Khalistani ideology has continued to fester among several fundamentalist Sikhs settled abroad.

Police say he was befriended by arrested KLF chief Mintoo in prison.

He is accused of providing weapons to the militants.

He told police the Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), a militant group with Harminder Singh Mintoo and Harmeet Singh ‘Ph D’ as its top leaders, is doing the bidding of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to recruit young Sikhs for anti-India activities.

Police said the “targeted killing” approach was conceived in 2014 by the ISI.

In one module busted this August, police found an 18-year-old Ludhiana girl allegedly brainwashed through Facebook by fundamentalists in Canada and incited to kill Hindu leaders.

Of the 45 suspects arrested so far from different modules, at least 20 are below 35. The men have short hair and are clean shaven, though keeping a beard and growing long hair are among the basic tenets of Sikhism.

The four other arrested men — Jammu resident Jimmy Singh, Ramandeep, Hardeep Shera and Dharmendra Gugni — corroborated Jagtar’s statement.