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Chun and ella dating

Then if you take a look at the pictures of the two on this date [2009 Jan 11], CHUN and ELLA, you can see that Chun's wearing the ring and Ella's not. The two not only share facial expressions common with each other, they also share the same thoughts. I've observed that you put your right hand on your lap. "Part 31 : by May, “Hi Chun, I know that even if you want to suppress your feelings towards your BAOBEI, you just can't, it just comes out naturally...true-blooded CE Angels can see and feel it; lately, you were being accused of so many harsh things... Inspite the fact that sometimes you have to some keep things in private because you still deserve your own personal life, you still assure us with your actions towards your "good friend", Ella and inspire us with all your words that you have shared to all of your fans. We, CE Angels are waiting patiently for your special action! Part 55 : by Ruby, " I know you know what Ella meant when she said she wanted to have a love proposal like Selina's. Also, during BTS, Chun being protective and trying to point out how her shirt collar was a little low!? CLIP24-27 Mar - Filming of another MN CF in Hainan Island.1 May - Super Supau handshake event, CE as endorsers. (more)6 May - Rumors swirling around CE, stating that CE once dated for 1 year plus.18 Jun - Ella's birthday; Chun spotted at the airport, rushing back to Taiwan with just 10 minutes to spare before the day of Ella's actual birthday.

CE Angels are still finding many hints between Chun Ella. They not only copy each others expressions, but also the accessories they have; they have the same sneakers, bags, watches, braclets, rings, etc. For more examples of this, you can check out this site: There are many theories that surround CE. I wish that one of my dream will come true .care of yourself , kay Chun!!! " and kisses his picture.06 Apr - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; Chun, Ella, and Arron. Actually, I don't like Yu very much...yeah, maybe, he recognizes me by the fanarts of CE and of him.. (haha , sorry , I don't know the appropriate term for this item) , and then somehow today Ella also updated her weibo wearing such cute mask too ... is this another co incidence or Ella was teasing Chun right there , I don't know coz I don't understand anything but then I really find both of them are very cute with the rabbit thingy ... yerp , he sure reads the things that we've discussed in our postings....thanks a lot for sharing your conversation about baby and I do believe it somehow encourages him to post up the baby's picture ..ekeke..

One of the major ones is how we believe that the two are sharing a lot of their things. ”Part 34 : by mizuki, “I've heard you started shooting new drama already and will be there for 3 months. I really really hope you'll attend your wife's concert tomorrow!! ”Part 36 : by May, “I learned from some posts here that you left for Shanghai, so there's a possibility that you won't be attending sh E's concert... Even a little gift means something especially to Ella! CLIPMay - News of Ella having a secret boyfriend (DJ) start to appear. here's the picture of Chun wearing it also the news accompanying the picture pretty sure the reporter made fun of Chun coz CE fans of are very mad about this news .. love love love it when he said that he wants his baby to be chubby like that too (ehehe..

Or else the two just buy two of everything and give one to the other. I bet you're doing it on purpose to mislead everybody (as if we don't know that you are the SNEAKY KING! ”Part 37 : by lieann~, “I hope you will clarify everything soon. Everyone of us know you are really busy with your shooting and might not have the time to celebrate with her. I don't know but I'm very sure the gift you'll be giving will be very special. Filming and premier of [XIE XIE NI DE WEN ROU] MV, CE act very distant with each other. and oh the picture that Ella posted in her weibo 機車兔!不認真過節!過份credits : since I don't understand anything , I guess I have to wait for Betty or Keleisha to translate briefly what the news said about Chun and also what did Ella say about her rabbit picture .. who knows there maybe some connection between Chun's news and Ella's latest message., but then if the news really said not so nice things about Chun , just include the nice thing that reporter said ... when he said "baby" , could it be that he was also referring to "Baobei" ? there are so many times already Chun dropped hints indirectly that he knows what we've discussed right here and I am absolutely happy with his hints ..

Some examples of this are in the blog that I shared above by summersnow. She seems to be pretty tired from her work.” Part 11 : by Gem, “Chun remember this? for sure you are... 12 : by Jo, “we need that drink as soon as possible! everyone's been hinting you to propose to ella in public!! well if you want to everything to be prepared before you propose in front of's okay take your time! but be sure to make everything memorable for baobei and for us 'ya know what i mean huh? Even though it's been years and I think I've waited too long for you to move, don't worry. )..know that in some far away corner of the concert's venue, you had already sneaked and watching your wife perform!! I don't know if I should believe or not only you can ever know the truth. I believe you called her already to say jia you if you couldn't make it. "Part 51 : by marika,"Chun, we need you to do something for us. We're tired of hearing babies crying already in our ears. However, I will still expect that you can send her gifts or something? Perhaps we won't know what you will be giving her but we know that you'll definitely do something on that day! BTS 1 & 2Jul - DJ news disappear, Chun finishes filming his new show (RP).27-29 Aug - 3 day HK promotion event in Korea. , just wanna share that Chun once again made CE fans very happy during one of the "Super Hot" promo event few days ago .. Mariane~ your latest CE MV is soo nice ..though it's a sad MV , I love the sequences that you include in it ... okay mom, i`ll try my best to keep in touch here with you guys..

By the end of filming, the two had become good friends. Full 1, 2, & 3.02 Feb - SHE and FLH attend KKBOX AWARD where CHUN WAS CAUGHT STARING AT ELLA. Just like how Hebe told off Apple Daily during Ren Pa's birthday when they were bugging Ella again. it seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released and that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF According to a recent article in JP, seems like J wants to make up with his ex again while he answered the question about Ella, "We have kinda bro-sis relationship , then I can't think of her as my girlfriend" don't know if it's true but can be reasonable since Ella has already her fiance Chunnie~! I'm really happy that he liked my fanart.the flip side, feeling a bit sorry since he can't pick up my CE works. the pic : am just guessing that it could be Chun because of the watch (it looks like B&R watch right?

Chun had opened up more and was even beginning to tease people, just like Ella. though lots of CE ANGELS are hoping for you to go and watch the concert ...don't worry if you really can't make it since we understand that you have your own work commitment ..however, it will really be a big surprise for us if you suddenly appear in the concert despite your busy schedule .matter what Chun , we'll always support you and Ella strongly ... Hmmm, you and Ella can add that shoes as one of your couple shoes collections,,hehehe.. Mar - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; SHE and FLH.10 Mar - HK promo in Hong Kong; Chun, Ella, and Danson. If only Chun can do the same I would be so happy for them. ”BTW, I`ve always visit AF veryday before starting work though i hardly post and for that sorry.. ←here' re Jo~'s, please send her..anyway, I really miss our convo about the CE kidnapping project by JMM. Maybe, we have to produce another project for CE since Part 12 started. I wonder CE will upload my CE works someday when admit their relationship in soon will it be.. yep, I'm willing to join "".I don't think I will do as nice as you do because of my poor English..still, I'll try to do my best.. or maybe I just got confused..ekeke) , also because of the silver bracelet since I saw Chun also had the same bracelet in this pic below : , once again I'm confused because the pants somehow look different .just asking this for fun ..that's why I put it in the spoiler another thing is , I've just read the news about Chun and rabbit yesterday ..

But last year when reporters asked him how he felt about Mr. Ella said it's impossible and she only knows a few lines from some folk songs. While writing the story, he decided about the ending like the two were separated in the end.

Sky, Angela's rumored boyfriend, he immediately congratulated her on her relationship. The MC suggested that she could look to Chun for lessons and Ella asked in return "Doesn't Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead? CE with toasts are posing in the same made me laugh..mariane~!!

What makes it even more interesting is we've never seen Chun wear that ring around his neck on his finger, he's always worn in that way. Posted Image”Part 9 : by mizuki, “Chunnie~ your baby's b/d is coming soon..what're you gonna give her this time? ..ooh, wanna ask about the pic of hanbao in your album, you wanted to say,"oishi~ half for my baby~ right? Did you see how Ella Baobei pouted in front of you?? I wonder how could you have resisted that pout But I know, we all know, that if you kissed her in public that would be big news. Even if you can't attend the concert today, but you can contact her or celebrate it with her on the day itself or any day you like! ”Part 40 : by mizuki, “I'm sure you already heard what happened to Selina last night from your wife. ”Part 41 : by lieann, “Chun, you will reassure us that we should still believe in you and Ella in every possible way that you can. Jia you on your filming and be back soon after things have done."Part 53 : by leen,"Chun : you might meet a lot of people you like in your life but if you find one that you really like, you should really cherish them. Ella's birthday is soming soon and it's already next week! We know your busy with your new drama but be sure to call or do something for Ella on her birthday ok? 15 Jan - Meng Niu press conference, Chun leans very close to Ella in the group photo. (more)30 Jan - Chun guests on an episode of [Nu Ren Wo Zui Da], first time calling Ella his "di di." Before calling her that, he also was the first to quickly say her name as her picture was being shown (which he had not done for any of other girls' pictures) and answered "dui" for the question "She's cute, right? I don't care about what other people say anymore , what I know is , I believe in what I see and what I've "gone through" being a CE fans ... ok then , have to go right now .fun and happy posting ...

And if you look at the Meng Niu BTS picture, you can see that Ella's wearing the ring on her finger and Chun's not wearing it around his neck. If you want to know more about these things, join us and ask! otherwise, it's not enough for your dad..”Part 10 : by Marika, “Chun, as you can see, JMM's kidnapping scheme have gone AWOL because we couldn't find the energy drink we usually have to keep our spirits up and be energized into our P-CE Mode. So, just give her LOTS OF KISSES when the two of you are in a more private place... ”Part 17 : by Ruby, “I like your latest MN CF with Ella. I know how much you love CE and CE angels are now in the turmoil of emotions because of the things that has been said about you and Ella.”Part 42 : by mimsy, “We knoe deep in our hearts that all throughout with this rollercoaster ride that we've been thorugh, you have been there for the CE fans. Ella said she wants to have a similar proposal you know! do little actions that will make her happy~"Part 54 : by leen,"Chun , I especially dedicate this clip and song to you and Ella .. no matter what other people say , FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE and "KEEP ON STANDING TALL TOGETHER" . "04 Feb - MN interview on [Zui Jia Xian Chang] with SHE and FLH, Chun passed over Hebe to do a handshake with Ella even though Hebe was sitting right next to him. CC and SHE perform XW, CE share many glances between each other.

Though on my opinion that's not the only thing we do now when joining. (it is more realistic if the term buddy-buddy or close/best friend means in the context of CLP that “we are not yet ready to reveal the truth”. BTS 1 & 2.25 Nov - HK promotion in Hsinchu.26 Nov - HK promotion in Tainan.27 Nov - HK cast attend "Kang Xi Lai Le", the two kiss because of a mistaken favorite dish.28 Nov - Charity event.01 Dec - HK cast attend "Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai" (aka. Please help me get over of such hyperness of repeating all of your names for my indi replies to you. Didn't actually notice at all that I was visible under the online list. I would be really excited if a big star caught their eye on my art work so congrats to you.