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Fox 10 arizona my dating place

"I'm going to hand a kid with an i Phone a coloring book? "The kids are a little more blase now." Still, for more than 35 years, his dedication has never wavered.

It’s a good feeling to be able to make the decision.”He doesn't know what's next.

He wants to keep his hand in water-safety, whether on his own or in some relationship with the station.

And there are other options on the table.“I’ve got six phone calls that want to offer me something,” he says.

“I know what a couple of them are, and the others I’m not sure about. But I’m sure going to listen to whatever anyone has to say."He's not quite sure what his mornings will be like.

Munsey being Munsey, he’s not even territorial about it.“I tell people: Please, feel free, use it,’” he says. The child who died had been supervised by another youngster.

Then the first person who reached the child didn't know how to administer CPR.“When I went to work the next day, I thought to myself I have the ability to do something here,” he says.

“I have eyes and ears that watch and listen to me.”So he began making personal appearances and handing out coloring books and stickers.

He still makes the appearances, but dropped the freebies.

" “You can’t be in this business without being a little bit of an egomaniac," he says, laughing. Another channel here used it for a while; there was nothing done or said about it.”The long-running campaign always has been close to his heart.

"It’s part of the makeup of the type of human being that does this kind of work."Perhaps the most rewarding part of the whole career has been his water-safety campaign, in which he reminds viewers to “watch your kids around water.” It’s given him a catchphrase, something few other local TV news personalities can claim. A friend of his lost a child in a drowning accident.

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