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The New York Times said in 1897: It is a fine thing that a man astride two wheels can, in a six-day race, distance a hound, horse, or a locomotive.

The overall winner is the team which completes most laps.

A six or six-day is a track cycling race that lasts six days.

Six-day races started in Britain, spread to many regions of the world, were brought to their modern style in the United States and are now mainly a European event.

It was enough of a success for another to be held the following year.

That inspired another organiser, name no longer known, to organise a six-day race in the same hall but for cyclists, also in 1878.

He hoped to attract the crowd of 20,000 a day that had turned out for the walkers.

The Islington Gazette reported: "A bicycle contest was commenced at the Agricultural Hall, on Monday last, for which £150 is offered in prizes for a six days' competition, the money to be allocated thus: £100 for the first man, £25 for the second, £15 for the third, and £10 for the fourth." The race started at 6am with only four of the 12 entrants on the track.

Where Charlie Miller rode 2,088 miles alone, Alf Goullet and a decent partner could ride 2,790.