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COMMENTS: Temperature Log: Walk in cooler: eggs 35°F lettuce 35°F refrigerator: salsa 41°F Freezer: all frozen solid shrimp 4°F Hot hold prep: refried beans 136°F chicken 137°F Cold hold prep: cut onion/pepper 42°F raw beef 41°F Pico 42°F guacamole 41°F Sanitation: dishwasher 100ppm chlorine Sani bucket 100ppm chlorine.

Past Repair to sprayer is not sufficient to keep it above the rim at all times.

COMMENTS: NONE ______________________________________________________________ 03/11/2015 Reason for Inspection: Routine Score 97 Critical Violations: NONE Non-Critical Violations: 5-205.11B Running cold water over pan of shrimp in hand sink to thaw. CORRECTED 3-304.12A Ice scoop setting on top of ice machine. CORRECTED 5-205.15B Plumbing connections under three vat sink – drain line leaking.

Core Violations: 3-305.11A1 Observed several tub/trays of food that no lids or covers stored on refrigeration shelves. 4-903.11c Observed tray of silverware openly stored on the floor and not protected from contamination. COMMENTS: Temperature log: Freezer: all foods frozen solid at -5°F Walk in cooler: peppers 31°F sauces 32°F Cold hold prep: chicken 39°F shrimp 39°F sliced tomato 40°F Hot hold prep: shredded chicken 145 refried beans 150°F Sanitation: dishwasher 200ppm quat bucket wipes 400ppm quat ______________________________________________________________ Date: 05/09/2017 Reason for Inspection: Follow-up Priority Violations: JC-3-4-5-4b Manager’s food handler’s permit has expired.

No one on staff today had a current food handler’s permit. Core Violations: 4-901.11A Plastic cups were wet stacked after dishwashing and stored for use. ______________________________________________________________ Date: 05/04/2017 Reason for Inspection: Routine Score: 78 Priority Violations: JC-3-4-5-4b Manager’s food handler’s permit has expired.

3-304.12A In use knife stuck between wooden shelving.

CORRECTED 6-501.12A Floor in walk in cooler dirty Spill has not been cleaned up.

COMMENTS: Temperature Log: Freezer: all foods frozen solid fah polo -3°F Hot prep: refried beans 135°F cold hold prep: Pico sauce 41°F cut tomatoes 39°F raw shrimp 35°F raw chicken 38°F refrigerator: salsa 38°F Walk-in cooler: whole tomato 34°F Sanitation: Dishwasher 200ppm chlorine ______________________________________________________________ Date: 12/28/2016 Reason for Inspection: Routine Score: 89 Priority Violations: NONE.

Core Violations: 3-302.11A4 Observed trays of cut beef above open tub of peeled raw onions.

Observed open tub of cut onions/peppers under single serve prepped beef. 4-901.11A Stainless steel pans were wet stacked and each layer contained visible moisture on surface between layers.

COMMENTS: Temperature Log: Refrigerator: salsa 39° F, lettuce 32°F, Chicken 32°F, Freezer: foods frozen solid Hot hold prep table: refried beans 142°F, white cheese sauce 139°F Cold hold prep table: guacamole 36°F, chicken 35°F Sanitation wipes: 150ppm chlorine. COMMENTS: Temperature log: taco beef 180°F hot holding sliced tomato 40°F prep table refried beans 39°F walk-in chicken 175°F hot holding.

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