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“Open Bar” in Cancun means that for the one single entrance price all drinks are included.

The majority of these offer food during the day and some also during the evening.

With a dozen nightclubs in the Hotel Zone and literally hundreds of bars no wonder Cancun is regarded as one of the premier destinations for a great night out.

Home to the famous saying “what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun” Cancun nightlife is non stop turbo charged entertainment all the way.

Mexican girls are some of the most beautiful in the World, but are not easy and there’s many ways they differ from the girls you may meet at home.

I came across this guide about dating Mexican girls, it’s pretty much spot on and well worth a read.

Though Eva Longoria loves kids, she isn’t rushing to have her own. And though she’s all about staying hydrated, you won’t find Longoria sipping from a disposable water bottle after a workout.

“It’s just not in my future,” the actress told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Brita Burbank YMCA special event, which celebrated the company’s donation of water filtration pitchers and dispensers to YMCA locations across the country. “So many end up in the ocean so I’ve banned them from the house,” she said.

It’s not uncommon for the major Cancun nightclubs to carry on going until 6 in the morning.