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Crystalens accommodating iol eye lens accommodating

It has a 4.5-mm square-edged optic and a long hinged plate design with polyimide loops at the end of the haptics.

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Though they achieve the goal by different means, their purpose is to restore to patients the ability to accommodate at near, intermediate and distance vision.

The Crystalens is designed to provide good vision at all distances by moving forward and backward along the axis of the eye.

Because incoming light is split into two or three zones, however, there have been problems in the past with quality of vision and contrast sensitivity.

And even more importantly, there may be compromises in intermediate or near vision with any lens that has a fixed number of focal points.

Computers, personal organizers, cell phones and other devices that require intermediate vision have become so pervasive in our society that good intermediate vision is at least as important now as reading vision.