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Sa sex chates

According to the survey, people in the United States have had an average of 10.7 sexual partners.

Today, Odessa sees her son Wayde, born when oppressed South Africans like his mother couldn’t vote in her country, become a world athletics champion in a democratic South Africa.

At the top of her athletics prowess, Odessa Swarts competed in inter-provincial athletics events and the annual national championship on grass, gravel and uneven tracks; athletics tracks in Cape Town’s disadvantaged communities such as Green Point track, Athlone and Vygieskraal stadiums, Dal Josafat stadium in Paarl and Curries Fountain in Durban It was difficult to play sport in disadvantaged and under-resourced communities during the white privileged era of apartheid. Paramount to our participation in non-racial, anti-apartheid was our principles of not supporting apartheid and not helping to make the system work, thereby further ensuring and consolidation our oppression.

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Apartheid took away from the oppressed by strangling them with oppression; the democratic South Africa must never allow talent to go wasted. ** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

This statistic shows the results of a survey on the average number of sexual partners in selected countries in 2005.

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