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Conspiracy theories abound about what truly happened that night, marking the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

It's a search in the dark for a pebble of truth in a turbulent sea of lies, rumors, whispers and exaggerations. Kennedy was assassinated, a sizable group of Americans continue to question the facts behind the Nov. Later this month, sealed documents related to the case will be released by the National Archives, if President Donald Trump doesn't block it.

Even a former state governor and professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura from Minnesota, authored a book, "They Killed Our President," alleging that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy in reaction to his efforts to reduce war.

Echoing what other readers told me, Thoreson rattled off several questions about the attack, including one that most of us have asked ourselves: Why would a 64-year-old wealthy and retired accountant do such a thing? And trying to understand such madness is like trying to understand the need for a fish to ride a bicycle. Still, such murderous mysteries not only confound us, they also trigger something in us to question the facts.

And also to suspect something more complex than just one human being losing his mind and committing such a heinous act. They are as much a part of our collective DNA as fearing the unknown or trying to understand what's not totally understandable.

Behind gatehouses staffed 24/7 are four upscale condo towers and 22 houses, some boasting swimming pools and walk-out access to a sand beach.

It’s the kind of setting that appeals to business moguls and executives approaching (or long past) retirement age.

Now came an attempt to incite violence against him and his family. In five separate lawsuits and thousands of pages of court documents, there are allegations of character assassination, DNA theft, extortion and even accusations of murder.