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We all know the best way to meet people is through other friends – back up and a good recommendation is priceless in this town – keep networking, keep making friends and you never know what might happen.

It was always a morbidly comforting thought for me, but hey it’s true! Short answer: no Sassy answer: yes Sappy answer: if it will make you feel like you’re really “putting yourself out there”, it couldn’t hurt?

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Serious answer: I have mixed feelings about online dating and dating apps, but like I said, it couldn’t hurt if you’re feeling up to it.

My suggestion is though if you do, don’t waste much time and effort on those sites, because really their services should act as a bonus, not an end all be all.

We’re very concerned with ourselves here in Los Angeles, and it’s ok, but it doesn’t make dating easy for those who truly wish to find a long-term partner.

It’s possible to find, I’m living proof, I’m a freakin Rihanna song because I DID find love in a hopeless place but it wasn’t until I stopped being so concerned with finding it, and started doing as the Romans do (aka focusing more on what I to be doing) that I managed to find my partner in crime.

There’s just no need to disappoint yourself time and time again – go out if you want to go out, have fun, stay at home if you feel like it – don’t concern yourself so much with doing what you think you should be doing in terms of getting a date.