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She told Mail Online: 'They call it the "Airplane Graveyard" - they aren't war graves or planes that crashed.

Subject-wise the skys the limit, but with one unifying common thread among the guests, as Pitchford explains.

They dont get on the show unless I feel they have the belief structure that Roy taught the kids.

To find out about the program, of course we went to the source-source-source-source!!

Enter first KHTS announcer and board operator Mike Dowler, producing an equestrian based show there called Along The Trail and riding on with it through a succession of hosts.

She freely admits Roy Rogers was her hero and came as close as one can to serving as her surrogate father!

I was born in the city but with manure in my veins!!

Enter next Nancy Pitchford Zhe, founder and director of the twenty-six year strong Heads Up Therapy On Horseback program.

Stepping in as a new sponsor/host she is eager to create a platform from which to make listeners aware of Western culture, values and the Heads Up story of successes with at-risk youth and with all manner of disabilitiesparticularly the groundbreaking work done with horses for autistic kids (now also moving into working with returning vets).

Holding true to the Cowboy philosophy, Bell is in charge of supplying music suitably attuned to the weeks subject as well as lining up many of the guests.

All of the shows hosts agree on one theme statement: If its not fun, we wont do it!!

She renames the Saturday 9AM to 10AM slot Around The Barn.