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Rocky Morales - Died 8-2-2006 in San Antonio, TX, U. - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born in San Antonio, TX, U. - Played saxophone - Worked with Doug Sahm in The The Mar-Kays (They did, "Why, Why, Why") and The West Side Horns - Worked with Cats Don't Sleep, Joe King Carrasco, Rick Danko and Kim Wilson.

This site is a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. Syd Barrett - (Roger Keith Barrett) - Died 7-7-2006 in Cambridge, England - Complications from diabetes ( Psychedelic - Rock ) Born 1-6-1946 in Cambridge, England - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "Dark Globe" and "Golden Hair") - Was a member of Pink Floyd (They did, "See Emily Play" and "Interstellar Overdrive") - Worked with Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee. Micheal O'Domhnaill - Died 7-7-2006 in Dublin, Ireland ( Irish Folk ) Born 10-7-1952 in Kells, County Meath, Ireland - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Bothy Band, Monroe, Nightnoise and Skara Brae. Bill Miller - Died 7-11-2006 - Complications from a heart attack - Born 2-3-1915 - Pianist and conductor - Worked with Frank Sinatra, Larry Funk And His Band Of A Thousand Melodies, Joe Haymes And His Orchestra, Red Norvo, Charlie Barnet, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Martha Raye, Nat King Cole and Mildred Bailey.

Lee Durham (Arthur Lee Durham) - Died 7-2-2006 in Atlanta, GA, U. Charles Levison - Died 7-7-2006 - He was 64 years old - Deputy chairman and non-executive director of The Chrysalis Group, a VP international at Island Records, managing director for Arista Records, CEO of WEA Records and a managing director of TV's, The Music Channel. - Producer - Worked for Decca Records - He was responsible for albums by Ted Heath, Frank Chacksfield, Maurice Larcange, Stanley Black, Ronnie Aldrich, and Edmundo Ros - Produced Mantovani. - Pulmonary respiratory failure and acute bronchitis - She was 88 years old - Singer, dancer and actress - She appeared in the musical, "Sing Out The News" - She had been married to Dick Powell. Ruth Schonthal - Died 7-10-2006 in Scarsdale, NY, U. - Complications from a heart attack ( European Romanticism - Mexican Folk - Minimalism ) Born 6-27-1924 in Hamburg, Germany - Composer and pianist - (She wrote, "The Wall Before And After" and "Fantasy-Variations On A Jewish Liturgical Theme").

Sam Myers (Samuel Joseph Myers) - Died 7-17-2006 in Dallas, TX, U. - Throat cancer ( Blues ) Born 2-19-1936 in Laurel, MS, U. - Singer, drummer and harmonica player - (He did, "Sleeping In The Ground") - Was a member of Anson Funderburgh And The Rockets - Worked with Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. - Jazz columnist and music Critic - He wrote the column, "One More Chorus - Was a president of The Left Bank Jazz Society and co-founder of The Listening Group - Step brother of singer, Carmen Mc Rae. ( Punk - Avant-garde - Classical ) Born in Portland, OR, U. - Singer, composer and actress - (She did, "Love Songs For People Who Hate Each Other") - Worked with Apocowlypso - She wrote symphonies, a piano concerto and chamber works - She was taught by avant-garde composer Arnold Schoenberg.

John Lanza - Died 7-30-2006 - After surgery for an aneurysm - Born in Montreal, Canada - Bass player - Worked with Maynard Ferguson, Steve Garrick, Maury Kaye, Gordie Fleming, Tony Romandini and Rudy Pontano.

Lazy Ade Monsbourgh ( Adrian Herbert Monsbourgh ) - Died 7-19-2006 in Melbourne ( Jazz ) Born 2-17-1917 in Melbourne, Victoria - Trumpeter, trombonist, saxophonist, pianist and woodwind player - Worked with Graeme Bell and Roger Bell. Greene) (Dorthea Hawkins) - Died 7-21-2006 in Buffalo, NY. Mark Hernandez (aka The Prince of Punk) - Died 7-22-2006 in Riverside, CA, U. - A truck collied with his motorcycle ( Punk ) Born 1966 in Bogata, Columbia - Bassist - Was a member of Kill Allen Wrench (They did, "Alcohol" and "I Want To Date A Porno Star"). - Kidney failure ( R&B - Blues ) Born 2-8-1928 in Marshall, TX, U. - Singer, songwriter and pianist - (He did, "Hey Bartender" and "Telephone Blues") - Worked with Pinetop Perkins and Henry Gray.

- Illness ( Jazz ) Born 1-18-1924 - Singer - Worked with Cab Calloway and The Ike Quebec Quintet - She also did impersonations of Louis Armstrong - Sister of drummer James Hawkins and saxophonist Sonny Hawkins - Buffalo Hall of Fame Inductee. Boby Paterson (aka The Lord Provos) - Died 7-23-206 in Scotland - Illness ( Rock ) He was 49 years old - Played bass and ran nightclubs - Was a founding member of Love And Money (They did, "Candybar Express") - Produced Primal Scream. Jafar Bozorgi - Died 7-26-2006 in Tehran, Iran - Heart failure - He was 89 years old - Singer and actor - (He did, "Morgh-e Sahar" (The Morning Bird)) - Acted in TV's, This House Is Not Far and the film, Lunar Eclipse.

Jaroslav "Country" Cervenka - Died 8-8-2006 ( Jazz - Swing ) Born 4-26-1937 in Sintava, Czechoslovakia - Played clarinet and alto sax player and was a composer and arranger - Member of Ali Jazz Band, Revival Jazz Band and Traditional & Revival Band (They did, "I Remember Benny Goodman" and "The Weight"). - Singer - (She did, "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" and "You Talk About Love").