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Parents who choose to keep their sons intact get little or – worse – the wrong information about how to care for their sons’ genitals.

Today, an estimated 80 million adult American men are missing a palm-sized area from their penises.

Even with increased parental awareness – still, over half of all baby boys born in the U. are victims of a medical system that makes money from the procedure.

Some Background Starting in the late 1800s, Victorian-era doctors began promoting foreskin-removal as a way to make boys stop pleasuring themselves.

Neither has heard him scream that way since.” When Jude’s mother told Defendant Sorrells that no one is supposed to retract and tear an intact boy’s foreskin, the nurse insisted that what she’d done was proper, and that Ms.

They don’t know that the average age of spontaneous foreskin retraction is actually around ten years of age, and that nobody should but the boy himself should try to hasten this process along.

Though ignorance and misinformation are widespread, the pediatric literature itself (including guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics) actually is clear: a baby’s foreskin should NEVER be forcibly retracted.

It’s just a continuation of the series adjusted to an entirely new age of interactive entertainment – fortunately, it keeps the atmosphere of the originals.