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Smartphones essentially invites snooping on you, especially government snooping as the less type of devices the government need to deal with, the cheaper is such mass collection of information on each citizen.

Typically those guys who suspect that their phones are listened behave more carefully (putting a cell phone into a metal box completely disables the communication with the tower, If box has a foam lining it pretty much disable sound too -- both those materials are cheap and widely available).

The same is true about your usage of internet, but here situation is a little bit more complex because there is no guarantee that after Snowden revelation people do not try to distort their browsing provide, It is pretty easy to do using any programmable keyboard, or scripting language and Expect-like module.

Moreover the collection of email in your Inbox is a more valuable set of information than any single email and tells much more about you that any intercepted email can.

In other words if technical means of snooping are cheap they will be abused.

Bing often beats it on searches connected with Windows (and even some pure Linux topics) and beats it is you search information about Eastern Europe or x USSR space, as well on several political themes (I suspect some searches in Google are censored).

That mean the diversification (including diversification of search engines) is now a duty of concerned Internet users.

And they become oligopolies because we agree to use them as primary sources, for example Google for search, independently whether it is good for all types of searches or not.