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Amy adams and matthew goode dating

Most of these people get paid an absolute fortune, so don’t live in LA.

Brought up in Devon where his mother ran a local amateur dramatics group, he started off by doing small parts in her productions. It wasn’t as if I was this all-singing, all-dancing child ferret that wanted to find some theatre trousers to run up. What made it even worse was that the same thing happened when I started trying to go out with girls.

I think I was probably quite confident on the one hand and a little shy on the other.’ After doing a degree in drama at Birmingham University, he went to drama school and started getting work pretty much from the moment he left.

There was a time, says Matthew Goode, when actors were free to speak their minds, when agents and PRs didn’t control the film industry and it was a lot less bland as a result.

In Brideshead he played Charles Ryder, who’s rather more bisexual than he likes to admit. ‘It was perfectly amicable, but I think maybe they’d banked on me becoming a bit bigger as a result of the film – and it didn’t really work out that way.’ The only thing that bothers him about being indiscreet, Goode says, is that it might make people think he doesn’t take his work seriously.

We’re actually meeting to discuss his other new film, Tom Ford’s acclaimed, Bafta-nominated adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel A Single Man, in which he plays Colin Firth’s lover.

On screen, Goode is apt to look rather smooth and neatly turned out – he was once the face of Hackett, the Sloaney men’s outfitters – but in the flesh he’s a bit more shambolic, bouncing into a pub in north London in jeans, heavy spectacles and a woollen hat.

That, at least, is Goode’s take on fame and its consequences.