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The giant rat, along with some other endemic species of the islands, became extinct due to the activities of the initial human colonists, the Guanches, who arrived around 1000 BC, including their introduction of feral cats.

Canariomys bravoi was a strong and powerfully muscled rodent able to move on different substrates from the ground to the trees, and probably had digging skills.

Many remains have been found during archeological digs. Radiocarbon dating has placed some of the finds in the late Pleistocene.

Fossilized remains of this animal have been found practically in every part of the island, but especially in deposits in caves or volcanic pipes of the island, where it often appears together with remains of other species such as the giant lizards (Gallotia goliath).

The cable car takes visitors 3,937ft (1,200m) above the crater floor to mesmerising views over much of the Canarian archipelago.

The Tenerife giant rat (Canariomys bravoi) is an extinct species of rodent endemic to the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, Spain.

Safe, family-friendly and just a four-hour flight away, it is consistently one of Britain’s top winter sun destinations.

Playa de las Américas is the island's main holiday centre, attracting singles, families and couples while its Los Cristianos neighbour suits a more mature visitor.

In particular, its bony remains have been discovered in large amounts in the deposit of Buenavista del Norte (in the northwest of Tenerife).