Start Updating server 2016 core

Updating server 2016 core

We have created the first ever Clash Royale Private Server .

At this point in the product cycle there is no real value in documenting the steps which have been already covered on various other websites for basic installations (like here and here) to more complex articles covering Enterprise Edition pools with mirrored databases.

Server Update Category Layer Description Status Patch Server Architecture UCS Now Properly Handle Dead Client Done Patch Server Architecture UCS Now Load All Alliance On Start to reduce Database Access Done Patch Server Architecture UCS Now Using Threading In Saving And Main Core To Improve Server Stability Done Patch Server Architecture UCS Networking Code Has[…] Hello everyone, we are restarting our project !

There will be changes in our server and mods after re opening the project everything must work 100% so it will take some times but there will big changes. A King Goblin King Giant King Damager Queen Wizard King Witch Queen Dragon King Balloon King Hog King Wall Breaker King Laser[…] hi all, We will add this week new updates to our service..

Please download the version for your respective country (It won't work otherwise; Italy, France and German players can't play on the US Version).