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What is postdating a check mean

Check number (note that this appears in two places)12.

Understanding your checks helps you order new checks (and make sure the order came out correctly), write checks, and set up direct deposit instructions.

You don't necessarily need to get on the Memo Line.

You can write additional information just about anywhere on the front of a check (but avoid using the back of the check).

Whenever you view a copy of that check (when you're logged into your account online, for example), you'll see your reminder.

Likewise, the memo line is a good place to write your account number if you're paying somebody -- they might not be able to figure out who you are (or which account to deposit to) if all they have is your name.

Whenever there's an amount less than a full dollar (fifty cents in this case), write it as a fraction.

Since there are 100 cents in every dollar, you can just put the number of cents above the number 100.

It's harder for somebody to alter the check if you've done this.