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Meter data validating editing estimation

Equipment and procedures have improved over time, but data problems have not disappeared.

The issues of data quality remain, with only slight differences, and the turnover of experienced staff has meant that some of the experience and techniques for validating, processing and analyzing load data has been lost.

This paper was written to refresh and reminisce for the old timers, teach the new generation, and highlight the similarities and differences associated with data validation, editing and estimation (VEE) and data expansion under the new deregulated utility environment as it will be affected by the new technologies involved in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM).

Consider that one sample site might represent the pattern of tens of thousands of customers and you can appreciate the implications of including problem data in an expansion of results to model population load characteristics.

With the high cost of load survey equipment and operations, small carefully crafted samples meant that quality from each site was paramount.

consumption data or events and alarms) and shares this with applications such as billing systems or external data analysis.

Integrated with these systems the MDM is the core enabler of end-to-end smart metering processes.

ZONOS MDM supports all core utility processes allowing an easy configuration of move-ins and move-outs, customer changes, innovative tariffs, device-related processes (e.g.